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What if I told you that overwatering your lawn could do more harm than no water at all? This has to be one of the biggest mistakes that property owners make time and time again. Those brown/dead spots in your yard that you hate so much? There’s a great chance that a specific fungus is the culprit. Fungi love excess moisture, and when we experience high humidity, this creates perfect conditions for fungi to flourish. If your lawn doesn’t receive any rainfall throughout the week, 1” is the correct amount of water to apply through your irrigation system or sprinkler. Also, it’s very important to make sure that you water your lawn at the correct time of day. The early morning makes for the best choice. This is due to less humidity, less wind, and temperatures are lower in the morning. Watering during the hottest time of day will cause a portion of the water to evaporate before making its way into the soil. Remember, watering your lawn correctly is extremely important and is a necessity in order to have a healthy, appealing lawn.


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